About The Company

Hometown provides neurodiagnostic testing including: routine EEG, long term EEG and in home ambulatory EEG to help aide in detecting problems with the electrical activity of the brain. The EEG Trakit will be worn for a certain amount of time that is agreed upon by you and your doctor. This allows us to collect data and observe any irregular activity that may be happening. We have very experienced staff, technologists, and doctors work together to deliver the best patient experience.


Hometown accepts all major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid and can offer both in network and out of network benefits. Hometown also offers financial assistance programs for the patients that may have difficulty meeting financial obligations within their coverage.


Our highly qualified healthcare technologist provide testing wherever and whenever it best serves the patient. Our technologists often go out after normal work hours and on weekend to provide the patient with the most convenient way possible.


Hometown offers diagnostic testing that can be performed in the privacy and comfort of the patients home also allowing the patient to go about as much as possible of their day to day activities. Our cloud base system allows the patient to be mobile while the EEG monitor continues to record brain activity. Hometown works hard to have the best technology that makes medical testing hassle free.


Hometown’s approach is designed to record data as patients are able to interact in their normal environment, and video monitoring allows us to observe daily activities and review them. We believe our approach to testing will provide your doctor with good quality data.